I have maintained pages to do my weather station in East Scotland and about severe weather events in Britain for over 20 years. These pages contain information about my records, notbale weather events in Britain through history, the British weather in general, and my research on how weather affects us.

Psychology and the Weather

I am one of the world’s few psychometeorologists - working at the intersection of psychology and the weather. I am carrying out research into our memory for weather forecasts, for the weather itself, how the weather affects us, and why so many people are interested in the weather. See my publications page for the work published so far, but particularly my book The Psychology of Weather. How does the weather affect our behaviour? Do we really get angrier when it gets hotter? Just why are we always dreaming of a white Christmas? Surely we all love it when the sun shines? Are we really more passionate in spring? What is seasonal affective disorder? And much, much more. Available from all good book stores and from online sites, such as Amazon:

The Psychology of Weather


Weather and severe weather in Britain

My pages on severe weather events in Britain and the British weather in general regularly gather a great deal of interest. The site was mostly written many years ago, but is still usually updated at least once a month. It was housed on the University of Dundee personal pages, but these have now been discontinued, so they have now been moved here.These pages contain information about one of my favourite interests, the British weather. They contain information about my own weather station (which was located between Perth and Dundee in East Scotland, in Pitroddie from 1996 to 2003, and in Lundie, Angus, in the Sidlaw Hills near Dundee, from 2003-2013, and then in Newtyle, nearby). The project started out nearly twenty years ago as my personal attempt to keep track of the most severe weather events in Britain in the twentieth century, but grew over time to be a fairly complete record of the weather in Britain. So in those pages, in addition to information about severe weather events in Britain, you can find out something about the weather in most months since 1900 - and a few before, and something about my own weather station and weather observations. But mainly these pages contain information about extreme weather events in Britain- want to know what the weather was like in April 1984? Want to know the coldest temperature recorded in Wales in November? Want to find out what was that snowy day you remember when you couldn’t go to school in late 1968? Want to know what was so special about the winter of 1890, the great freeze of 1962-63, or the summer of 1976, or why 1947 was the best year ever for weather? Or which was the hottest day of 1983? Then these pages are for you.

These pages represent a huge amount of work on my part, and the investment of much help from colleagues and professionals. I am particularly grateful to Philip Eden (now very sadly missed) for preventing many errors and supplying many of the recent monthly figures. Please do not copy these pages without my permission. I am strictly a meteorological amateur, and I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of the information in these pages. Please let me know of any mistakes you find. Although I've received much assistance in creating these pages, any errors remaining are of course solely my own.

My weather pages

The British weather - an introduction

My weather memories

Extreme weather events in Britain and monthly summaries. Look here for links to months and years to find out about British weather events, particularly severe and extreme weather.

Hottest summers in Britain

Coldest winters in Britain

Hottest day of each each year from 1875.

Coldest day of each each year from 1875.

Coldest day of each each winter from 1900.

The most interesting months for weather in Britain since 1900.

A note on the seasons to see how different people define the seasons.

My weather station. Read here about my own station in Angus, Scotland, and the DIY "fun" I've had across the years setting it up and keeping it going.

The Central England Temperature series a link to external pages giving the mean temperature of every month since 1658. The parent directory provides links to more data. If you're interested in the weather so far in the current year, see here. The extremes for the previous day can be found on this Met Office page.

My local weather diary

Last month's weather in the UK and locally in east Scotland is now at the end of my weather diary.

The best place to live for interesting weather in the UK

Weather and behaviour, including information about my book on the subject. How does the weather affect human behaviour?

My pictures of the British weather