I have written a book called The Science of Consciousness, published in early 2021 by Cambridge University Press. This page contains links relevant to this book and consciousness in general. I also consider myself a psychonaut, interested in exploring my own consciousness and its limits. I have kept a dream diary for many years (see Chapter 13 on dreams). I hope people interested in consciousness will find these pages useful whether or not they have the book.

The book. See here for more information on the book The Science of Consciousness.

It is impossible to cover everything in great depth in one book. I hope to rectify that in this section. Please look here before asking a question.

There are corrections and clarifications to the text, new research, news, consciousness in the press, extra stuff, including reviews of recent books, material for which there wasn't room, and so on.

Here also are corrections to the text, including typographic errors. There are also links to helpful web pages. I avoided giving links in the book because they sometimes change so quickly. Let me know if there are any broken links - they're all working last time I ran a check, but pages can disappear without warning.

Texts involve summarising and simplifying, but I hope I have not over-simplified, or simplified to the point of getting things wrong. Please contact me if you think I have.

There are also suggestions for further reading and book reviews.

FAQ. Questions I have been asked the book or about consciousness.

The additional material is organised on the following chapter-by-chapter basis.

Chapter 1: The Problem of Consciousness.

Chapter 2: The Mind-Body Problem.

Chapter 3: Do we have Free Will?

Chapter 4: Machine Consciousness.

Chapter 5: Animal Consciousness.

Chapter 6: Looking at Our Own Mind.

Chapter 7: Self and Identity.

Chapter 8: Cognition and Consciousness.

Chapter 9: Perception and Consciousness.

Chapter 10: Consciousness and the Brain.

Chapter 11: Altered States of Consciousness.

Chapter 12: Sleep.

Chapter 13: Dreams.

Chapter 14: Hypnosis.

Chapter 15: Drugs and Consciousness.

Chapter 16: Meditation and Transcendental Experiences.

Chapter 17: Parapsychology.

Chapter 18: Bringing it all Together.