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The Psychology of Language. (2014.) Fourth edition. Routledge. Text on psycholinguistics. See here for more information on the Psychology of Language.

Talking the Talk. (2017.) Second edition. Routledge. My popular introduction to language.

The Psychology of Weather. (2018.) Routledge. In The Psychology of Everything series, this book is about the relationship between psychology and the weather. Does the weather affect our mood? Why is suicide more common in late spring and early summer? What is seasonal affect disorder? How does the weather affect our shopping decisions. Why do some people believe in global warming while others deny it so vigorously?

The Science of Consciousness. (2021.) Cambridge University Press. A text on the science of consciousness. See my consciousness pages.

Science and Psychology. (2018.) Routledge. With Richard Wilton. The place of psychology in the study of the history and philosophy of science.

Head in the Clouds (working title.) I am currently writing a book on the weather, the power of nature, behaviour, and mental illness.

Time to Die (working title). A book under way about our obsession with time, how to age, and finding meaning in life.

All available from Amazon or all other good book stores. Available as hardback, paperback, or e-book.