Most interesting months for weather

These are my favourite examples of each month. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live through these again, or to have a year made up like this?

January      1963

February     1947

March        1947

April           1981

May           1992

June           1976

July            1983

August        1990

September  1919

October      1987

November   1919

December   2010

My favourite year is 1947, the year that had everything, almost, although 1919 and 1981 were pretty good too, and 2019 and 2022 turned out to be vintage years for records. And surely I am not alone in wanting to see another summer like 1976, although fewer probably support me in my desire for another winter of 1962-63. So much to choose from - and so many personal preferences on what is good weather.