The Science of Consciousness:

Chapter 15: Drugs and Consciousness

How do drugs, particularly hallucinogenic drugs, affect consciousness? How do changes in neurotransmitter levels lead to the psychedelic experience?

Links to work on drugs

Erowid. One of the best known sites on psychoactive drugs, including both pharmaceutics used to treat mental illness, and hallucinogens. The site also provides wide coverage of non-drug methods of reaching higher states of consciousness.

Psychonaut Wiki. An excellent site about all means of exploring higher states of consciousness.


Televised trip. Christopher Mayhew tred mescaline on British television for an episode of the documentary Panorama in 1955.

Further reading

Kingsland, J. (2019). Am I dreaming? The new science of consciousness and how altered states reboot the brain. London: Atlantic Books.. Kindle version available. ISBN: 978-1786495501. See Chapter 11 on ASCs.