The Science of Consciousness

This page is about my book The Science of Consciousness (SOC), to be published by Cambridge University Press. It's had a long gestation, so many thanks to my editors for their patience.

Update 31 March 2019. I've been writing the book in Scrivener for the Mac. With Scrivener you get a good overview of the structure of what you're writing, particularly if the project is big. And SOC is currently over 175,000 words. It's important to be able to see the structure with books; as it is there is going to be some duplication and inconsistency involving order to to sort out.

Current table of contents summary on the left.

Update 27 March 2019. It's hard work. The beginning of the end is in sight.

Update 23 February 2019. The end of the first draft of SOC is in sight.

Science of consciousness table of contents