Overall, winter 2021-22 was mild: the eighth warmest since 1884, depending on the exact measure, although most of those even milder have been since and including 1988.

January. The very mild end to December 2021 continued into the start of January. A record high temperature for New Year's Day, with 16.3 ºC recorded at St James's Park in London, beating the previous record from 1916. After this mild start it became colder, with milder interludes, and a windy mild end. The lowest temperature of the month was -8.0 at Topcliffe (North Yorks.) on the 6th. The first ten days were unsettled, but then most of the rest of the month was very anticyclonic. Overall it was milder than average, particularly the further north you went. Frosts were rare in Scotland and common in England, a reverse of the usual pattern. It was a very dry month except in western Scotland, with the UK overall having 50% of the long-term average. It was most noticeably a very sunny month, except in NW Scotland, with 132% of the average, making it the third sunniest in the UK since records began (in 1919).

February. Settled first half, becoming unsettled and often windy in the second half. It was though a very mild month, particularly in the south. It was also very wet, with 152% of the long-term average. It was sunny in the east but less so in the west. It was very stormy midmonth with named Storms Dudley and Eunice. Dudley affected mostly southern Scotland, parts of Wales, and northern England, with winds of 101 mph recorded. Storm Eunice on Friday 18th brought exceptional gales, estimated to be the strongest since the Burns Day Storm of 1990, to the south coast, with a (provisional) new record gust for England of 122 mph recorded at the Needles (IOW). Sadly at least three people died. The highest temperature of the month was 18.2 ªC at Pershore on the 16th, and the lowest -8.1 at Braemar on the 11th. The highest rainfall total in a recording day was 86.6 mm at Seathwate (Cumbria) on the 19-20th.

March. March 2022 had an unsettled first half, with a cold first week and mild second week. It then became very anticyclonic from the 13th on. It turned much colder and unsettled for the last few days. The long dry spell saw a great deal of sunshine, some warm days, but cold nights. Overall the average temperature was well above the long-term CET mean, making it the warmest March since 2017, with average maxima being particularly high. It was a very dry month, with 58% of the long-term average rainfall. It was also an exceptionally sunny month, particularly in western Scotland and Northern Ireland; overall there as 152% of average sunshine, making it the second sunniest March on record for the UK (with only 1929 being sunnier), but for Scotland and Northern Ireland it was the sunniest on record (with totals of 157.9 hours in Wales, 160.1 in Scotland, 168.1 in England, and 192.5 in Northern Ireland). It was particularly dry, sunny, and warm in NW Scotland. The highest temperature of the month was 20.8 ºC at St James's Park in London on the 23rd and Treknow (Cornwall) on the 25th; the lowest was -9.1 at Aboyne (Aberdeenshire) on the 2nd.

April. April 2022 was cool and unsettled at first, becoming warmer and more settled midmonth, and very anticyclonic. Overall the mean temperature was very close to average, although maxima were slightly higher and minima slightly lower. It was a dry month except for northern Scotland and parts of Northern Irealnd, and very dry in eastern England. Overall there was 68% of the expected rainfall. It was a sunny month, particularly in the east, with overall 107% of average. The highest temperature of the month was 23.4 ºC at St James Park (London) on the 1st, and the lowest -8.0 at Tulloch Bridge on the 1st.

May. Something of a mixed bag, with generally a warmer first half, and more unsettled, cooler second half. Overall the month was above average temperature, with minima substantially so. It was wet in the west and dry in the east, overall with 107% of average rainfall. it was a dull month, with only 79% of the long-term expected sunshine. There were a number of notable thunderstorms through the month. The highest temperature was 27.5 ºC on the 17th at Heathrow, and the lowest -1.7 on the 7th at Altnaharra.

June. There was a notable if brief early heatwave, with three days of heat peaking with 32.7 ºC at Santon Downham in Suffolk on the 17th. The heat didn't reach Scotland.