A wet day in August 1924 enlivens this otherwise unremarkable year.



March. Cold first few days, then dry and sunny but cool.

April. Cloudy and cool, but with a warm and sunny Easter. Lucky Farnborough reached 24C on the 21st, whereas on the 5th it had only reached 3C.

May. Changeable, and very thundery in the final two weeks. 123 mm of rain fell in 24 hours at Ludlow on the 31st.


July. There were 13.5 hours of sunshine on St Swithin's Day (15th): it then rained on 30 of the next 40 days. There were some violent storms: 103 mm of rain fell at Wisley on the 22nd; the same day 28 mm of rani fell in 20 minutes at South Kensington, with large hail and ball lightning.

August. Dull, cool and wet. There was 238.8 mm of rain (and hail) at Cannington and Brymore (Somerset) on the 18th, with 215 mm of it in just 5 hours overnight. This is the record daily rainfall for August.


October. Changeable. Wet in the south. 83 mm of rain in 24 hours at Falmouth on the 7th, with widespread gales.


December. On the 11th the country was divided into two: in the area from the east of Dorset to the Wash it was calm, cold, and foggy; to the west and north there was a stiff, mild SW wind. The maximum that day was 1C in London and Yarmouth, but but 10C in Scarborough and Llandudno - a striking front.