1909 had a very poor summer, with the equal coldest June of the century.



March. Very unsettled. There were some heavy snowfalls and severe frosts in the first half of the month. There was heavy snow in the SE on the 1st; 20 cm reported at Walthamstow (north London). The temperature fell to -17.8C at Marlborough on the 4th. The second half of the month was mild and very wet.


May. Very sunny. The last "hot" (more than 27C) day of the summer until August was recorded on the 23 May. It was preceded however by a spell of northerly winds that brought snow and frost to many areas.

June. The equal coldest of the century (11.8). It was a very dull month, with no sunshine at all in London from the 2-6th. A maximum of only 10C in Oxford and Bath on the 6th. More outstandingly cold, wet dull weather from the 10-12th, and 20-28th. Thunderstorms on the 23-24th. The Trooping of the Colour in London was abandoned on the 24th. London had a total of just 90 hours of sunshine all month.

July. Cool and wet. Thunderstorms at the end of the month, with a tornado in Manchester on the 22nd. Violent thunderstorms on the 25th, particularly in Fife: 74mm at Carnbee. More rain on the 27th, including 75mm in Dorset.

August. After a wet start (e.g. 67 mm of rain at Hull on the 1st), there was a fine, warm spell. For the first time since 23 May, 27C (80F) was reached, in parts of England, on the 6th.

September. Overall, a cool and unsettled month with some heavy thundery rain. Wet in the SE, drier though in the SW and N. 42 mm of rain fell in 55 minutes at Cromer on the 6th. 20 mm of rain fell at Oxford on the 17th. There was severe flooding in Glamorgan followed heavy rain on the 28th. A large area received 50-75 mm of rain. Port Talbot and Neath were particularly badly affected. Many bridges were swept away.

October. A quite mild but often wet and windy month. This month set the record for most rainfall in a month at one place: 1436mm at Llyn Llydau (Gwynedd). On the 26th, 84mm of rain fell at Brighton and 63mm at Shoeburyness.

November. Dry and bright but cool; it was the driest month of the year.

December. Wet and unsettled. Severe gales with a pressure of 948 mbar off the northeast of England on the 3rd.