The British Weather

These pages contain information about one of my favourite interests, the British weather. They contain information about my own weather station (which was located between Perth and Dundee in East Scotland, in Pitroddie from 1996 to 2003, and in Lundie, Angus, in the Sidlaw Hills near Dundee, from 2003-2013, and then in Newtyle, nearby).

In particular, these pages contain information about extreme weather events in Britain, and a record of the British weather since 1900 (and a few notable events before that). Want to know if some interesting weather happened in March 1962? Or which was the hottest day of 1983? Then read on! The pages also contain links to other weather sites, and much, much more.

These pages represent a huge amount of work on my part, and the investment of much help from colleagues and professionals. I am particularly grateful to Philip Eden (now very sadly missed) for preventing many errors and supplying many of the recent monthly figures. Please do not copy these pages without my permission. I am strictly a meteorological amateur, and I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of the information in these pages. Please let me know of any mistakes you find. Although I've received much assistance in creating these pages, any errors remaining are of course solely my fault.

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