List of consciousness films

2001: A space odyssey

A beautiful mind - life of the mathematician John Nash, paranoid schizophrenia

A scanner darkly - drugs

Adjustment bureau, The

American beauty

Artificial Intelligence - AI


Black swan - nature of reality

Blade runner

Blade runner 2049


Bourne films – dissociative amnesia

Butterfly effect, The - chaos


Cloud atlas

Conversation, The

Curious case of Benjamin Button, The - Time

Curvature - time travel, causality, determinism

Darkness visible - dissociation


Diving bell and the butterfly, The - Locked-in syndrome

EdTV - the nature of reality

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The

Ex machina - AI

ExistenZ - nature of reality

Fight club - nature of reality

Happy death day - nature of reality, chaos

I, Robot

Imitation game, The

In time


Jacob's ladder (1990 and 2019 versions)


Locked in


Machinist, The

Matrix films first 2 - nature of reality

Memento - amnesia

Minority report - nature of reality

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Pan’s labyrinth

Paranormal activity - parapsychology

Prestige, The

Shutter island - nature of reality

Source code - AI

Sucker punch

Triangle - nature of reality

Truman show - nature of reality

Vanilla sky - nature of reality

Vertigo - paranoia

Waking life