March 2019 in the UK

March was wet and unsettled until the 17th with W and NW winds, then much drier and anticyclonic. It was mild in the south, less so in the north, particularly in the second half. The final week was very sunny.

Overall it was much milder than average, but not as mild as 2012 and 2017. It was very wet (5th wettest since 1910 with 140% of rainfall), particular in Northern Ireland and the Northwest. It was sunny in England and Wales with 114% of average sunshine.

Highest temperature of the month was 19.8 C at Kew Gardens on the 26th.

Lowest temperature of the month was -6.9 C at Aboyne (Aberdeenshire) on the 5th.

74.6 mm of rain fell at Capel Curig (Gwnedd) on the 16-17th.

Last month's weather in Britain and East Scotland

March 2019 in Newtyle, Angus, 10 miles NW of Dundee, elev. 80

Overall mean temperature                      9.0 (+0.9 C)

Overall mean maximum temperature     3.2 (+1.1)

Overall mean minimum temperature:     6.6 (+1.0)

Highest maximum temperature              15.0 on the 21st

Lowest maximum temperature:              2.1 on the 16th

Lowest minimum temperature:              -3.5 on the 31st

Rain total:                                              78.8 (144 %)

Highest daily 9-9 rainfall:                     18.4 on the 6th

3 snow days, 1 day snow lying, 0 frost days

0 thunder day

Overall quite wet and mild, but sunny. Wet unsettled first half, dry anticyclonic second half.

     *     A new record for my station.

All readings (except grass minimum) from a Davis Vantage Pro 2.  I am sure my thermometer, although screened and suitable exposed, over-records slightly in direct sunshine. Temperatures Celsius, rainfall mm.