Consciousness links

Some links to websites about consciousness will soon be here, although it will be a gradual process. Please let me know if they are broken.

Philosophy of Mind

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosopy. The first stop for information on the philosophy and philosophers of mind (as well as the rest of philosophy). Entries are longer, more detailed, more technical, and considered more reliable than Wikipedia. Entries are edited. "Friends" can download very smart formatted PDFs for a very reasonable fee. Entries are occasionally updated.

David Chalmers' pages. Material about David Chalmers, his work, and the philosophy of mind in general.

Altered States of Consciousness

Susan Blackmore's web pages. Although author of a competiting text, I recommend her pages for discussion of many fascinating topics in consciousness research, particularly parapsychology, dreams, and altered states.


Schneider and Domhoff's site on the statistics of the contents of dreams.