The Science of Consciousness:

Chapter 18: Bringing it All Together

What this chapter is about: What have we learned about consciousness?

This chapter attempts to bring everything together and answer the questions we identified in Chapter 1. Don't expect too many definitive answers!


p. 409 Figure 18.6 legend should more accurately be "Captain James Cook (1728-1779) meeting idigenous people in the tropics, circa 1770", not 1700.

Further questions to think about

1. Some findings in this book are derived from studies of non-human animals. Is the knowledge gained worth it?

Consciousness at the movies

I am keen on how consciousness, free will, and AI are portrayed in films, and have kept a list of movies that address then. See here for an expanded list of films illustrating themes about consciousness from this book. Not all of them are great films, but I have found them all interesting in some way.

I welcome suggestions for films not on my expanded list.