June 1925 was the driest month this century, and set a sunshine record.

January. Mild, windy and wet in Southern England. There were gales on the 1st and 2nd. Very mild, mostly unsettled, and frequently windy. There were some short spells of dry but foggy weather. A pressure of 1044 mbar was recorded at Aberdeen on the 19th.

February. Very wet but mild for the first half; quieter from the 16th onwards. There was much sunshine 18th-22nd, and snow in Scotland on the 21st and 23rd, with 6” at Perth. It was a particularly wet month in the Midlands, Eastern England and SE England.

March. March was the coldest month of the winter. It was a dry month with N winds. Totland Bay recorded the driest March in 38 years. It was a dry month notably in SW England, but dull. 

April. An unsettled month. There were 15 cm of snow lying at Edinburgh on the 1st.

May. Hot spell midmonth. 27.8C recorded in London on the 16th.

June. Very dry and sunny. June 1925 was the driest month this century (4.3 mm), and the second driest month ever (after February 1891). Some places in the SW received no measurable rain at all. It was particularly sunny in Cornwall; Falmouth recorded 375 hours, and Pendennis Castle, near Falmouth, recorded 381.6 hours. This is the highest monthly sunshine record for this century. However, winds were often from the north, so in spite of a warm spell midmonth, temperatures overall were close to average.

July. Dry and settled in the first half and unsettled in the 2nd half in the SE. It was wet in the SE and SW England but drier than normal in Scotland and some Eastern Counties and Lake District. There was a severe thunderstorm in the London area on the 22nd with damaging hail.

August. Unsettled and dull, dry except in the south.

September. Cool.

October. The month began settled, but became colder in the second week, with some notable (for the time of year) frosts: -4C at Andover and -8C at West Linton on the 15th. This year there was a slight snowfall in Norfolk..

November Cold (3.6C CET) but sunny. Smog in Glasow. The month started mild and unsettled, but then turned much colder with cold northerlies. There was 15 cm lying snow in parts of the east from the 28-30th.

December. Cold up to Christmas but with a mild second week. -17C at Braemar early on the 20th.