1907 had the coolest summer of the century (with a mean of 13.6C). Many places had their hottest day of the year on as early as 12 May or as late as 25 September. It was also an extremely sunny winter.

January. Mostly mild and dry in the first half, with westerlies. It became much colder from the 18th with frosts. A pressure of 1052 mb was recorded at Aberdeen on the 23rd. On the 29th a blizzard, with thunder and lightning, produced 8 inches of snow in two hours at Huddersfield. There was a gale on the 30th. Overall, a sunny month.

February. A sunny and dry month. There was a severe gale on the 20th.

March. Very sunny - the sunniest on record. A very fine Easter, which fell at the end of the month. It was over 21C in parts on Maundy Thursday. On Sunday 31st, 22.7C was recorded at Wryde (Cambs.). London had about 10 hours sunshine on each day of the holiday. Tunbridge Wells saw 130 hours of sunshine between the 19th and 31st.

April. The record was set for the warmest April 1 this century: 22.6C in Cambridgeshire, at Wryde. On the whole though, the month was cold and unsettled, with rain and thundery spells. Indeed there was heavy snow in the SE on the 6-7th. On the 24th the maximum was 22C; on the 26th it was only 7C. It was a very wet month in southern England, but relatively dry in parts of the east.

May. Warm southerly winds gave high temperatures (28C) in the east on the 12th. A thunderstorm gave 29 mm of rain in 30 minutes at Southampton on the 13th. The winds then turned 180 degrees, to the north, and there were some sharp frosts in the third week. It was a very wet month everywhere.

June. Very cool (12.4C CET) and wet, particulary in NW England and SW Scotland.

July. There were some severe thunderstorms on the 22nd. A ferocious hailstorm in South Wales stripped leaves off trees: 80 mm of rain fell at Pandy (Monmouthshire). There was flooding in Watford as 68 mm of rain fell in under two hours.

August. Very cool and cloudy. Barnet recorded an air minimum of just +1C on the night of the 27-28th. The last week was sunny.

September. A fine month. It was 27C in London and Norfolk on the 25th - in some places it was the warmest day of the year.

October. Warm but very wet. A deep depression brought strong easterly midmonth, and dumped 90mm of rain on Lincoln on the 16th.

November. Mild, wet and sunny.

December. A wet month with a mild Christmas.