190 had the coldest October this century. At 8.13C, the third coldest autumn of the century. Pressure range of 107 mbars in seven weeks near the start of the year.

January. Very dry. 1052 mbars recorded in the SW on the 28th.


March. Mild and wet, with winds mostly from between the W and S. There was a destructive gale across the south on the 15th, with marble-sized hail at Teignmouth, Devon. The pressure fell to 945 mbar off Northern Ireland. Thunder and lightning too. On the 19thit was 19C in Leith.

April. Windy, wet and unsettled.

May. One of the driest of the century in England and Wales. Warm and sunny in the south for the first three weeks. There was then a cold spell, with northerly winds and frost, from the 20th-23rd.

June.In a wet first week Margate received 77mm on the 5-6th, with a maximum of only 11C.

July. Generally fine and dry except in Northern Ireland. 38 mm of rain fell in Liverpool on the 10th.

August. Storms on the 27th particularly affected Ireland.


October.  The coldest of the twentieth century (7.1C CET). Indeed none has been colder since. It was only as cold as 1895, however, and October 1896 had been colder.


December. A dry month over much of England and Wales.