1902 had a poor early summer.

January. Mostly mild, but cold at the end. A dry month. The pressure reached 1047 mbar over southern England on the 15th. The month also saw highest ever pressure reading in Britain: reportedly 1054.7 mbar at Aberdeen on the 31st, and 1054.9 at Coupar Angus (although the most accurate figure is likely to be 1053.6 mbar at Aberdeen; see Weather, 2006, 61, 210-211).

February. The highest February pressure  of 1052.9 mbars was recorded on the 1st at Aberdeen Observatory.


April. Dry and pleasant in the east. There was a widespread snowfall between the 1st and 5th in the north.

May. The coldest May this century (8.9C), with wintry showers and frosts. It got slightly warmer at the end of the month, with 24C recorded in Aberdeen on the 23rd.

June. Very cold (13.9). Long wet spell midmonth, with 29 mm in London on the 13th, with a maximum of only 12C.

July. Mostly fine and warm.

August. Edward VII was crowned on 9 August; the day was cool and mostly cloudy


October. Mild and dull.


December. A notable gale on the 12th. Winds then changed from cold easterlies to mild westerlies. The pressure fell in 956 mbars in NE Scotland on the 29th.