1901 was an unremarkable year, except for a record cold spell at the end of March, and for July, where we have a record hourly rainfall rate, and the Scottish high.



March. The lowest temperature for the last week of March was recorded this month: -17.2C at Braemar on the 29th.


May. A relative humidity of only 9.5% at Parkstone (Dorset) on the 24th - the lowest reported in southern England since reliable records began in 1880.

June. Very cold (13.9).

July. One of the warmest of the century in Scotland. Generally sunny and warm. However, 92.2 mm of rain fell in one hour at Maidenhead on the 12th. This is the highest hourly rainfall in Britain, at least for the 20th century (see 1893). The equal highest temperature for Scotland, 32.8C, was set on the 20th at Dumfries; 32C was also seen in Scotland on the 18th and 19th.

August. Mostly changeable, although there was a warm, sunny spell 20-24th. The weather quickly changed as it became cool, wet, and windy.



November. Cold, with frequent fog and frost. On the 16th the temperature at Loughborough rose from a minimum of -8C to a maximum of only -3, and from -6 to -2 at Brixton.

December. The record for the warmest News Eve (31st) was set this year, at Great Yarmouth. Recorded then as 60 ºF, this could mean anything between 15.3 and 15.8 ºC.