Trevor Harley


I am Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Now retired from teaching, I am a free-lance thinker and writer; a professor with a licence to think. These pages contain information about my books and work..


About me. See here for more information about me. See here also for more information about my media appearances and what I can offer, including consultancy on the science and psychology of self-improvement. And now see me as a stand-up comic.


My research. See my research page for information about my psychology research, including work on sleep and dreams, consciousness, metacognition, depression, language, ageing, and the weather.


Psychology books. I’m the author of several books, including the text The psychology of Language (4th edition 2014), Science and Psychology (with Richard Wilton), and Talking the talk: Language, psychology and science (2017 for the second edition). I am editor of two series of books on the psychology of language. I was writing a book on cognition, but this has mutated into a book about consciousness, called The science of consciousness, to be published by CUP USA later this year or early next. See this page for more about my psychology books, including a link to errata for The psychology of language.


Novel. Everyone thinks they have a novel in them, and I’m no exception. See here for information about Dirty old rascal. Who is the dirty old rascal? Don’t take my word for it, but read the reviews on Amazon, where you can buy the book.


Photographs. A selection of my photographs (mostly landscape).


Weather. See this page for links to my site on the weather of Britain, with information about severe weather events in Britain. Want to know what happened in the weather in a particular month? Which are the hottest and coldest summers and winters on record?


Depression. See here for my work on depression and my experiences of being depressed. I am currently writing a book about depression, provisionally entitled "No birds sing".


Blog. My blog on the psychology of the meaning of life is available from What is the meaning of my life?. There are several blogs on depression, anxiety, meaning, and existentialism. The main focus of the blog is on a psychologist (me) struggling with mental health issues, particularly depression, anxiety, and OCD, while trying to live a fulfilling life. What is a fulfilling life, and how can we cope with existential despair and a fear of death? I post regularly.


Consciousness. See here for details of my forthcoming book on consciousness and related material.




Web design. I built this site in Apple iWeb and maintain it myself, now using Adobe Dreamweaver. The transition has not been without its difficulties. Please feel free to email me at You can follow me on Facebook at Trevor Harley Author Page or on Twitter as @trevharley by clicking on these links.



Updated 17 April 2017